R&D Division

Professional R&D Team

In LYTONE, there are a number of R&D elites with doctoral and master's degrees, who are responsible for raw material development, formula design, product development, quality control, quality assurance, and patent/registration. That makes strong in strength and drives the most innovative kinetic energy of LYTONE!

R&D Strategy

(1) Strengthen R&D energy through cooperating with academies.
(2) Commercialization and mass production of products or technologies.
(3) Protect R&D results with intellectual property rights.


  • 2016

    Taiwan Excellence Award

  • 2014

    The 21st Taiwan SMEs Innovation Award

  • 2013

    Gold Medal Award of Technology Commercialization, Taipei Biotech Awards

  • 2012

    Gold Medal Award of the Agricultural Biotechnology, The Business Innovation Award

  • 2009

    Gold Medal Award of Innovation, The 1st Excellent Agribusiness Award

  • 2009

    Merit Award of Innovation, The 1st Excellent Agribusiness Award

R&D Goals

With the core of biotechnology, LYTONE is committed to the research and development of functional food, agricultural and livestock industry supplies, and applies these unique products to the traditional industries that are used every day. Also, LYTONE provides complete technical services and comprehensive product development solutions for clients.

In the next five years, we will focus on the following research and development goals:

(1) Development of functional food materials and formulas for anti-aging, nervous system protection, physical strength improvement, blood sugar maintenance, and skin health assistance.
(2) Development and application of probiotics and prebiotics.
(3) Development of agricultural fresh keeping agent and functional fertilizer.
(4) Development of feed additives.



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